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Dear Pet Lover,

Ipsen was recently discredited by LD50 tests on mice carried out in a commercial animal testing center called Wickham Laboratories in England. The BUAV ( filmed undercover in the laboratory who test the controversial LD50.

The method - lethal dose 50 (LD50) - The government is regarded as a "very serious" test. Mice are injected with the toxin. They suffer from progressive paralysis, and the film shows the creatures swinging from left to right, because they are no longer able to walk properly. Some seem to suffer from severe breathing difficulties before they die. Scientific adviser to the Coalition Anti Animal testing Menache Andre sees the LD50 as an obsolete technology: Alternatives to the LD50 tests have been developed and used by other laboratories in Great Britain.

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Sample letter:

Dear Mr Veron,

I am contacting you about the statement on your website concerning botulinum products:

You are surely aware of the fact that UK scientists at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) have developed a completely non animal method for batch release testing of botulinum products.

This non animal method has spared the lives of about 5,000 mice annually, since 1999.

Here is a good example where a government appointed laboratory has taken the initiative to develop a scientifically valid non animal method, which satisfies UK regulatory requirements.

It is therefore bizarre that you attempt to justify the continued use of mice on your website for botulinum testing by reference to an article that is already four years old, considering the scientific technology available to you today.

Political inertia on the part of Ipsen - not science - is the stumbling block.

Yours faithfully

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