Alex's Guide to Compassionate Shopping

Repeat after me .. "I will no longer give my hard-earned dollars (euros, whatnot) to companies that cruelly and needlessly torture animals and spray their faces with banal products." Below, you will find a fairly comprehensive list of companies that test their products on animals.

The list below, which has been maintained over a course of over ten years by this site, is, in my opinion, the most stringent available on the world wide web. If any group has a valid reason to doubt the "animal-friendly" claims of any company, they are put on this list. The list has been compiled via stated policies, the findings/listings of various animal rights groups (as noted), the diligent work of many compassionate individuals out there (noted as permitted) and my own correspondence/findings.

The BAD List: Companies That are not Animal Friendly and their Subsidiaries

The GOOD List: Companies That DO NOT Test on Animals